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Fri 22nd May 2015


The CodeMaker one day course enables a deeper understanding of how digital products are built and how they function by teaching the fundamentals of coding and web architecture.

In short, after the day participants leave more digitally enlightened and much better prepared to make their digital projects a success.

Through this highly interactive course participants are introduced to the core technologies that drive the internet and mobile apps, increasing their comprehension and expanding their tech vocabulary so that they can communicate more clearly with software developers, better scope out projects and make more informed choices when commissioning.

Course Content:
– Learn programming principles and get into the mind of a developer by making code
– A lesson in tech jargon – from API’s, OS, to Python, Ruby and MySql
– How the modern web works – the technologies behind Twitter, Facebook and Google
– How computing and the internet evolved and how they work
– Mix & Mash your favourite websites (ie hack the Publicis website)
– How to make beautiful web sites with HTML, CSS and HTML5
– JavaSript and JQuery
– Make your own web app (intro to Agile principles)
– 101 on planning and communicating software projects

+ Understand software development and web/mobile architecture better
+ Communicate effectively with software developers
+ Scope and develop digital projects with more confidence
+ Be more innovative in digital
+ Communicate better with clients
+ Enable more effective quality control of digital projects (ie make less expensive mistakes)

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Fri 22nd May 2015
9:30 am

Past event

Peter Brownell (Coach)

Tim Diggins (Coach)