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Thu 19th November 2015

Innovation and Technology: Opening doors

The local Publicis Machine agency claims it has found the answer to those concerns with the launch of a concept called Drugstore, aiming to bridge the gap between big brands and tech start-ups.

The idea is to make it easier to get together and share game-changing ideas.

There are three such operations around the world — London, Sydney and Zurich — and SA becomes the fourth. Says Dylan Williams, global chief strategy & innovation officer for Publicis, consumers are demanding more tangible evidence of brand promise and large companies are shifting efforts from soft-sell to hard innovation. “Establishing relationships with early-stage ventures can catapult innovation programmes forward. Drugstore aims to foster collaboration between big and small, bringing the two worlds together in an environment that encourages innovative thought and knowledge sharing.”

Publicis Machine CEO Adrian Hewlett says the premise is simple: “As an agency we want to play a key role in the strategic business transformation of our clients and a significant element in this process revolves around technology.”

In SA the agency has secured premises in Sandton called #PMBeta and will eventually be filled with eight start-up businesses. Hewlett says the work-flow process starts with agency clients viewing a problem or an opportunity that requires innovation and creative thinking.

“We can orchestrate a process to solve that, combining the skills of our strategic and creative teams with those of the selected start-ups.”

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Drugstore: Bringing big businesses tech-pain relief


Thu 19th November 2015