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Thu 3rd November 2016

Meet the Makers x Publicis 90

On Wednesday 28th September, Publicis Drugstore hosted a very special edition of its Meet the Makers events program at the Publicis UK HQ on Baker Street. The event celebrated Publicis90, showcasing an incredible selection of the start-ups that are a part of the initiative.

To celebrate its 90th birthday, Publicis Groupe launched Publicis90 earlier this year, an initiative that fosters digital entrepreneurship. Publicis Groupe has invested in 90 start-ups globally, offering funding, resources and mentoring. Publicis90 and the Drugstore share the ambition of connecting innovative start-ups with multinational clients to ensure that future-facing marketing solutions form an integral part of brand’s DNA. Thus, we decided to join forces to bring you the selected top 11 start-ups based in the UK.

The inspiring entrepreneurs that spoke were:

Nick Walter – OnePulse – An app delivering mini-surveys (‘pulses’), helping inform brands, but also rewarding their customers.

Sebastian Steinhauser – Parcelly.com – An app/website that delivers your parcel to your most convenient location.

Jonathan Grubin – Sopost.com – Helps brands drive product sampling online, by increasing exposure via social media.

Tom New – Formisimo.com – Analyses what users are doing in business’ online checkouts, registration forms and enquiry form, and what’s causing them to abandon sites.

Lestyn Lloyd – Futurevisual.com – Develops VR to help build experiences for friends, customers and colleagues.

Adam Carrigan – Reallifeanalytics.com – Maximises and measures ROI in digital billboard advertising.

Paul Archer – Duel.me – Allows brands to unlock the power of UGC (User Generated Content), driving engaging content in a manageable and brand safe environment.

Rowly Bourne – Rezonence.com – Through the platform FreeWall®, Rezonence helps publishers increase revenues and advertisers truly engage with audiences.

Michael Piddock – Glisser.com – Connects your audience, via their smartphone or other device, to your presentation.

Lisa Armstrong – Ugogoafrica.com – An ecommerce site designed for people without bank accounts.

Aaron Jones – Seefashion.co.uk – Helps young designers validate, manufacture and wholesale their best designs.

The speakers shared their individual experiences of digital entrepreneurship and how Publicis90 has helped their businesses. The initiative has not only provided these diverse businesses with financial support, but has also, crucially, nurtured them through one-to-one mentorship.

Guy Weiynk, CEO of Publicis UK and Western Europe, spoke at the event, stating, ‘We do believe that by embracing collaboration and working with others, we’ll create a connected network that will empower and foster amazing creativity.’ The entrepreneurs’ diverse businesses are all unified by the Publics90 initiative. The event gave Publicis the opportunity to learn how we can support and advise them further in the future in Publicis Groupe’s ongoing ambition to foster digital entrepreneurship.

Click here to watch the highlights.

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