Where Big Meets small



Products & Process

Collaboration won’t just happen by putting different types of businesses in one room. So instead, we facilitate and manage relationships. The Drugstore has a suite of different products and initiatives available, dependent on location and the specialisms of our partners. Our strategic process begins by envisioning a category’s near term future and then inverts a conventional SWOT analysis; effectively reframing today’s Strengths as tomorrow’s Weaknesses and tomorrows’ Threats as Opportunities for big/small collaboration.


From idea to prototype in five days

Together with Impact Hub Zurich, Drugstore Zurich has launched an initial product which is setting new standards: the Brand to Product project is an innovation lab made up of brand experts and technology start-ups, designed to exploit previously untapped synergy potential and to bring together the best of both worlds.

An open creative process which includes innovation experts, trend researchers, start-up companies, brand strategists, interaction design specialists and software developers allows new business models, products or services to be created together with the client. This close collaboration guarantees that the company’s brand mission and objectives remain in perfect harmony with the product development throughout the entire process. And thanks to its agile innovation design and development methods, Brand to Product is able to present an initial prototype just five days into a project.